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    We Recreated The Sexiest Photos On Instagram And Here's What Happened

    Instagram's sexiest man shows us how to land a date.

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    Resident single guy, Zach Kornfeld, decided to consult serious hunk and thirst trap, Brock O'Hurn, for tips on how to take the sexiest photos possible for his dating profile.

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    Turns out no one cares about your bio on Tinder. They're totally judging you by your photos.

    "It would be better to spend an hour doing a photo shoot than to spend 10 hours on your profile."

    Thus, Zach needed the help of a sexy pro and Instafamous hottie, Brock O'Hurn.

    The first photo they were aiming to create was this bad boy right here:

    But it wasn't working out too well.

    Even though Zach was having fun, he wasn't feeling confident. They decided to switch up shirts so he would be more comfortable.

    "Let's try more not to copy the exact photo. Let's do what makes you feel comfortable."

    There we go!

    The second pose they were aiming for was this pool shot:

    "To be sexy you go to be willing to get a little wet, am I right?"

    But the water was cold and sunscreen was bleeding into his eyes.

    But after some time, Zach felt more relaxed.

    "I think we got the shot."


    Turns out there's no such thing as one size fits all in terms of sexy!

    People are sexy in all different ways!

    Brock just had to brush off Zach's already existing sexy and voila!

    What a day!

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