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    The Way These Celebs React To Videos Of Animals Giving Birth Will Give You Life

    Joe Jonas, Ryan Seacrest, Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes, Disclosure and many more witness a giraffe and an elephant being born!

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    We caught up with some celebs at iHeartRadio festival and, duh, of course we asked them if they had ever seen a giraffe or elephant give birth.

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    When asked how much these celebs knew about childbirth, they were a little taken aback.

    Except for Seacrest, because he has witnessed a Kardashian birth.

    But when asked if they would like to see an animal birth, they were a little more excited.

    Clearly, they had no idea what they were about to witness.

    "Oh my god, there's a thing coming out of the giraffe's butthole."

    Disclosure was shocked.

    DNCE was in awe.

    Joe Jonas almost even threw up!

    Christina Grimmie was horrified.

    Seacrest thought it was beautiful, but didn't really want to look.

    "Not exactly like the Kardashian birth."

    But Shawn Mendes was ready for more!

    Peep that smile.

    C'mon guys, it's the miracle of life. It's not so bad, right?

    If you're feeling brave and and want to check out some of the videos they watched, here is the giraffe birth, here is the elephant birth, and here is a lovely seahorse birth recommended by Shawn Mendes. Thanks Shawn!