How To Turn "Mario Kart" Into The World's Greatest Drinking Game

    Just when you thought Mario Kart couldn't get any better.

    Grab a few friends, a cold pack of beer, and join us as we play the Mario Kart Drinking Game (aka "Kario Mart," aka "Beerio Kart," aka "Drunk Driving," aka the best game ever). Here's how:

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    You'll need: a pack of cheap beer, up to three friends, and any generation of Mario Kart.

    Once you've picked your character and finished arguing over who gets to be Yoshi, it's time to start the game.

    When the race begins, crack open that beer!

    The first player to cross the finish line wins, BUT, you must finish your beer before you finish the race.

    The only other rule is that your Kart must be at a complete stop before you drink your beer.

    Because obviously, NO DRINKING AND DRIVING!

    Have fun and please enjoy responsibly.