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Living With An Unknown Skin Disease

With the link provided is the story of my mother, who for 3 going on 4 years now has been living with a skin condition that doctors have failed to diagnose, she does not have any medication for it because the doctors don't know what to give her, so they to her to try this, try that, and some have helped but the skin problem would come back even worse, and obviously, others didn't help at all. My Mother is unable to afford insurance with the Obama Care program, and does not qualify for Medicaid because she supposedly makes too much, $14,500 a year.... Please she should qualify... Anyways she has seen multiple doctors in Northern Michigan and none of them have done anything that my mother has asked them to do, and she's paying out of her pocket to see these doctors... She has been unable to get an Allergy test, a scope of where her gallbladder was taken out to see if anything was left inside her or any other thing that might be involved with causing her skin condition. My mom is at her breaking point, she doesn't want to do anything but sit in bed because the problem is that out of control. I have posted a couple of pictures in the link that show just a couple spots on her body where the skin condition is bad, and to see her in person, it'd make you cry to think how is she walking around with a smile on her face, while she is covered head-to-toe in these massive open sores?

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Patricia, my Mother

Zac Larson

I am her eldest son, Zac, and my goal is to hopefully get enough attention to her story, that possibly someone, even a nurse or doctor, will be able to help my mother in any way that they can. Maybe even someone who has had or still has the same condition as my mom, but since we don't know what she has it is hard to do anything to help her at this moment in time... I know this isn't as polished of a post as it should be, but my point in doing this is to attract as much attention as possible. My mom really needs a miracle. I thank you so much for reading this, I hope you're able to share this to anyone and everyone you can, and if possible donate so that my mom can have the chance to be able to get the treatment she deserves and absolutely needs. Anything helps and I hope you realize how true that really is. Whether it's a $1 or simply posting this story to your friends and family. Again, thank you so much. God Bless.

My Brother and Mom

Zac Larson

My Mother and I

Zac Larson
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