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Tasty Recipe: The Ultimate Pound Cake

If you love hogging food at the table and consider yourself gluttonous, this delicious cake is perfect for you!

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Tasty Recipe: The Ultimate Pound Cake

Prep time: 30 minutes / Cook time: 2 hours / Servings: 1


3 pounds of butter

9 cups of sugar

12 cups of all purpose flour

2.5 cups of whole milk

3 teaspoons of vanilla extract

An entire life of overeating (1)

3 oz of God’s disappointment


- Incorporate all ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Whisk or electrically mix until smooth.

- Grease the largest bundt pan you can find in your country, and pour in the batter. Be sure to tap your pan against the counter to remove any regret or air bubbles from the cake mix.

- Bake at 300 degrees F for the longest amount of time that your hunger and impatience will allow.

- Eat it straight out of the cake pan, while it's still scorching. You must be sure to eat the entire cake before anyone else has a slice. Enjoy!

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