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A paratha is a flatbread that originated in the Indian Subcontinent. Everyones favourite here ...people call it with different names in different regions .parantha, forota (in Sylheti), parauntha, prontha, parontay, porota (in Bengali), palata (pronounced: [pəlàtà]; in Burma), and farata

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All-purpose flour 3 cups

salt 2 teaspoon

egg one

water (at room temprature ) to make the dough

ghee (purified butter)

all-purpose flour to use for layering.


1. Roughly mix all-purpose flour and salt

2. Add egg and water in this flour and salt mixture and make a dough..consistency of the dough should be just like pizza dough ..not too soft or not too hard ..

3.let the dough rest for atleast 30 minutes into the refrigerator.

Note .this recipe will make four devide the dough in four parts.

4.make dough balls for paratha as shown in the video using ghee(purified butter) and all-purpose flour it will give beautifull soft layers to the paratha...

Note:we used ghee(purified butter) in layering you can also use vegitable oil or margerine if you don,t like to use ghee(purified butter).

5: For best results Refrigerate these doughballs for atleast 15 minutes

. Rolling refregerated dough balls will be easier for you as well.

6: Roll these dough balls to about 6-7 inches in diameter.

7: steak them applying ghee or oil on both sides as shown in the video, keep the heat medium.

Voila ..parathas are ready with crispy layers outside and soft layers inside

serve hot. With spicy mince , tikka seekh kebab , chicken tandoori or simply with omelett .

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