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This Shiba Inu Saying "No" To Going On A Walk Is Your New Mascot


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This is Berry, and Berry's struggle with his owner has become a daily occurrence.

Instagram: @shibainu

Whenever it's time to go out on a walk, Berry throws a fit.

Instagram: @shibainu

Look at this squished face. Look how much it hates walks.

Instagram: @shibainu

According to his owners, Berry use to be a watchdog on a blueberry farm (which is also where he got his name). He would stand guard all day protecting the berry patches from deer and boars.

So maybe it's habit or just Berry's training that is keeping him from abandoning his post.

Instagram: @shibainu

When he's not on walks, Berry keeps a careful vigil. He sits on the landing on his apartment building and keeps a close watch on the people and cars that go by.

"Our neighbors all just laugh at him when they pass by. 😅" says his owner.

Instagram: @shibainu

Even though he's already 7 years old, he's still full of energy.

When he's not being forced on walks, he's a lot calmer.

Look how carefree he is.

And he really enjoys unhurried days.

If you want to see more from Berry, check out Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram: @shibainu

This post was translated from Japanese.

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