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14 Life Lessons We Learned From YouTube Star Tyler Oakley

Because Tyler's wisdom is almost as infinite as his selection of hairstyles.

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3. On appreciation:

"I guess you think about being grateful when you're making, like, an acceptance speech or when you have a huge accomplishment, but it's the day-to-day things that I think you should be even more grateful for because that's the life you live."

4. On changing for others:

"If I am ever tempted to change myself for other people, I have to remind myself that years from now, those people might be gone and I will still be stuck with who I wanted to try to be."

6. On generosity:

"But it is, 'Nobody has ever gone poor by giving.' And I think it's something that really applies to everybody's lives and how they should live their lives, whether it's physically or spiritually or emotionally."

7. On correcting people who assume you're straight:

"Honestly, if you were out and comfortable, I would do it as soon as possible because then down the line, it won't be really awkward had they been, like, being, 'Have you got a girlfriend?' for like eight years."

8. On the best way to hit on a dude:

"It's very simple: Just give him a little bit of this. And then a little bit more of this. And then before you know it...he'll at least ask you if you need help getting whatever you have in your eye out of your eye."

11. On gathering gays for an LGBT club:

"And the number one way to get anybody to come to any club is free food. Order a pizza. There's free food. Come on over. Everyone's going to come. Trust me. That is how you catch a gay: free food."

All images courtesy of Tyler Oakley.

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