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18 Marcus Butler Moments That'll Make You Say "Same"

Same? Same!

1. When he was all too real when home alone:

2. When he had silly-face-pulling contests too:

3. When he said what we were all thinking about this year's Christmas ads:

4. Although, that doesn't mean they were immune from criticism:

5. When he totally nailed his impression of YouTube gamers:

6. When he called out people obsessed with hashtagging everything:

7. When he reminded you how much fun the wind is, even if it makes your hair look silly:

8. When he also finds himself just practising random words in the mirror:

9. When he shared his passive-aggressive queuing behaviour:

10. When he did that thing where you try to sing along with to a song but only know half the words so have to just wing it with your sweet dance moves:

11. When he had similar reservations about people at the gym:

12. When he took you back to your school exam days:

13. When he spoke a little sense:

14. When he went off on how weird he finds the dentist:

15. And also gave us this little insight:

16. When there's the pressure to get the perfect snap:

17. When he got annoyed at himself for slurping in the cinema:

18. When he summed up what it's like to be British:

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