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18 Marcus Butler Moments That'll Make You Say "Same"

Same? Same!

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1. When he was all too real when home alone:

"What I Do When Home Alone" / Via

Because when else can you walk about with such freedom?

2. When he had silly-face-pulling contests too:

"Are You A Virgin" / Via

This is pretty much 80% of our snaps.

3. When he said what we were all thinking about this year's Christmas ads:

"Reacting To The John Lewis Christmas Advert" / Via

Adverts, eh?

4. Although, that doesn't mean they were immune from criticism:

"Reacting To Emotional Christmas Commercials" / Via

Fair point, well made.

5. When he totally nailed his impression of YouTube gamers:

"Types of YouTubers" / Via

You have to admit: You would love to do the whole picture-in-picture thing.

6. When he called out people obsessed with hashtagging everything:

"Worlds Most Annoying People: Internet" / Via

Now you've gotta get those likes, but we have to draw the line somewhere!

7. When he reminded you how much fun the wind is, even if it makes your hair look silly:

"Things Only British People Do" / Via

It's Britain; you have to just embrace the elements.

8. When he also finds himself just practising random words in the mirror:

Courtesy of YouTube

9. When he shared his passive-aggressive queuing behaviour:

"World's Most Annoying People - Public Transport" / Via

Yep, same. Same, same, same.

10. When he did that thing where you try to sing along with to a song but only know half the words so have to just wing it with your sweet dance moves:

Courtesy of YouTube

We've all been there.

11. When he had similar reservations about people at the gym:

"Annoying Gym People" / Via

Why *do* people think it's appropriate to make noises like that?!

12. When he took you back to your school exam days:

"Types of People During Exams" / Via

Who didn't lose their mind and begin to wonder what paper tasted like?

13. When he spoke a little sense:

"If Boys Had Girl Problems" / Via

It's always nice to know your favourite YouTube sensation has his head screwed on straight.

14. When he went off on how weird he finds the dentist:

"Reasons Why I Hate The Dentist" / Via

Also: the opera music. Why do they all play opera music?

15. And also gave us this little insight:

"What I Do Home Alone" / Via

16. When there's the pressure to get the perfect snap:

"Why I Want To Quit Youtube" / Via

Living that social media life can be pretty draining.

17. When he got annoyed at himself for slurping in the cinema:

"Things People Do At The Cinema" / Via

Just take the lid off and drink it out the cup, man!

18. When he summed up what it's like to be British:

"Things Only British People Do" / Via

But really...this rain though!

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