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11 Caspar Lee Moments That Look Incredibly Strange Out Of Context

Just a load of out-of-context moments from Caspar's videos.

1. Here he is just pouring milk over his head:

2. Practising couples yoga with your own mother = kinda strange.

3. Here is Caspar and a man dressed as a mermaid hanging out in a bath together:

4. Here he is attempting to put his legs behind his head while wearing some fetching neon shorts:

5. Here he is picking his good friend Joe Sugg's nose:

6. And here he is celebrating pizza:

7. Here he is just keeping supple and working on his fitness in the most typical of ways:

8. Here he is just conducting a perfectly normal conversation with his sister's boyfriend while wearing a giant pacifier and baby bonnet:

9. This is Caspar looking incredibly red:

10. And here, Caspar hangs out with friend and fellow YouTube Creator KSI while he is dressed as a sumo wrestler:

11. And finally, in a scene that could not be any weirder, here he is walking in the park alongside a doll:

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