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9 Exceptionally Fun Superfan Traditions

What's a geek to do when they love something SO much? Commemorate that love as creatively as possible. Show your fandom and see what you missed during YouTube Geek Week! You can always band together with one of the clans below, too.

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2. LebowskiFest

phanatic / Via Flickr: 33735662@N00

Fans of the Coen Brothers' oddly coming-of-age classic caper congregate each year in multiple cities, and pay tribute to The Big Lebowski with communal screenings, bowling tournaments, and of course, as many White Russians as you can stomach.

4. Quidditch Tournaments

johnloo / Via Flickr: johnloo

Likewise, you better get your house in order and your brooms tuned up to take the honor of the Quidditch World Cup! You may not be able to legitimately fly in the air, but games are coordinated among Muggles all the time these days.

6. Flipadelphia

milespropper / Via

"The Gang" from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has a host of hijinx to honor, but the most prominent one is easily throwing a vicious competition of Flipadelphia where total supremacy is driven by balance and booze.

7. Bond Tours

Fans can explore the savvy of 007 through coordinated tours of the super spy's most prominent landmarks and hideaways, including Ko Tapu off the coast of Thailand – better known now as "James Bond Island."

8. Tolkien Societies

Gwydion M. Williams / Via Flickr: 45909111@N00

Self-organized literary societies dedicated to the writer and his realms date all the way back to 1960. They have their own array of guides, theories, and published texts for those obsessed by MIddle Earth.

9. Participatory Screenings

Sebastian Dooris / Via Flickr: 17842226@N00

The best cult films are ones that spawn traditions of their own, and are best viewed late at night among fellow devoteés. Most notably, the "holy trinity" consists of Troll 2 (commonly known as the worst movie to ever be made), The Room (known for its exceptional dialogue), and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (encouraging freedom of personality and creativity in live re-enactments and colorful additions as the movie plays).