9 Blockbuster Moves That Wouldn’t Work IRL

In real life, James Bond would have like a thousand illegitimate children from gettin’ down with all those other promiscuous spies. Here are 9 more big-screen movie tropes that you should not, repeat NOT, try at home. Add your own in the comments section below, and celebrate all-things blockbuster. See what you missed during YouTube Geek Week.

1. Jumping off a roof onto a moving vehicle

Unless you’re trying to jump onto an ambulance, don’t even.

2. Dodging a thousand bad-guy blasters without even really trying

I mean sure, there’s a few rookie henchmen or nearsighted thugs out there, but if you go through life relying on, say, intergalactic bounty hunters sitting across the Cantina table to shoot high and wide*, you won’t be long for this (or any) world.

(*Please do not even get us STARTED on this.)

3. Having an animal play on your sports team

Walt Disney Pictures / Via youtube.com

Here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter that the rulebook doesn’t expressly prohibit animals, or teen werewolves, from playing basketball. Your team might win that first game on that technicality, but the rest of the league is going to file a grievance, quick.

4. Training via montage

New World Pictures / Via youtube.com

Sure, a montage is a faster way to train, but it’s through repetition and time that you achieve expertise. Montage also doesn’t work for trying on clothes, painting a house or training a village to fight banditos.

5. Hacking everything and anything with 1990s technology

United Artists / Via youtube.com

If you remember the ’90s you also remember dialup. So… there’s that. Also, not to nitpick but hackers don’t generally type in 72 point colorful fonts.

6. Walking slowly away from an explosion

Dimension Films / Via youtube.com

You know what’s even cooler than strolling away from a fireball? Not going to the hospital for hearing loss, brain damage and severe burns on your back. Safety first, kids.

7. Rescuing a romance by running like mad through an airport

It doesn’t matter how much you love them; running through an airport while shouting is a one-way ticket to the romance of jail.

8. Waiting until the last second to diffuse a bomb

Bomb technology has evolved beyond the old three-wires-and-a-clock-radio approach, so these days you’ll need more than wire cutters and a panicky sidekick.

9. The knockout punch

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / Via youtube.com

“Two hits: I hit you. You hit the floor.” Yeah, good luck with that.

What time is it? It’s SKYHOOK time.

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