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7 Reasons To Attend York College Of Pennsylvania

We want you to discover what so many already know!

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1. To pick things up and put them down

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* The Grumbacher Fitness Center comes equipped with

- an indoor field house with six basketball hoops & indoor track

- rock climbing wall

- squash court

- pool

- and a stacked gym overlooking the soccer and field hockey fields - free and ready to use for all YCP students!

This will make you feel better about that extra cookie (or 3) from the dining hall

2. Use your non real people money (Flex Card) in so many locations!

The YCP ID Card serves as the York Flex Card with debit card capability for the York College community. The card is accepted for purchases and services both on and off campus. Just a few of the many locations the YCP Flex Card is accepted in the York area are:

* Sheetz

* Giant

* Subway

* Buffalo Wild Wings

* Domino's Pizza

3. I scream, you scream, we all scream for Screamer!

Is it a bird, a plane, a piece of broccoli? Nope, say hello to our awesome mascot - Screamer! Present at just about every home game from all of our nearly 2 dozen varsity sports teams, Screamer has made his home at York recently, and we know you want to see him yourself!

4. Because day trips and field trips are awesome

York students can also explore city life by driving just a few hours to cities like Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Baltimore and even New York City. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) sponsors many trips throughout the year to these cities and many others like beach trips to Ocean City, Maryland or Atlantic City, New Jersey for around $10!

5. TGI(F)F!

Thank God it's FRITTER Friday. Every Friday our dining halls spoil us with crispy goldeny chickeny goodness. Both Dining Halls on campus also have dozens of options everyday for every taste palate. Whether you're a vegan, a dessert lover, or a classic burger & fries eater, Johnson Dining Hall and West Campus have got you and your stomach full and covered

6. Because more money and less debt are great things

Consistently one of the least expensive private colleges in the Northeast, YCP gives you a lot of bang for your buck. 90% of graduates have a career placement after college - that's also enough to have you and your wallet sleeping happily.

7. Because you matter

Smaller class sizes mean actual relationships with your professors and classmates. This results in more comfortable and personal class experiences everyday for every student. You won't lose your identity or voice like many students at big schools do whether they like it or not.

- Dalida C. '17

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