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24 Ways To Make Your Small Apartment Seem So Much Bigger

Time for a tiny apartment makeover.

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1. Use mirrors to make small spaces feel more open and brighter. Put one near the window so it can reflect natural light into the room!

2. Let in natural light with semi-transparent drapes. It makes a room feel instantly more spacious.

3. Declutter with storage furniture. The more stuff you put away, the more actual space you'll have to move around in.

amazon.com, hayneedle.com, hayneedle.com

When you live in a shoebox, storage comes before aesthetics. Luckily, with these, you can get the best of both.

Get this storage bed from Amazon for $344.59. Get the storage ottoman (which comes with two smaller nesting ottomans inside as well as two serving trays) and coffee table from Hayneedle for $89.98 and $137.98, respectively.

4. Consider a loft bed if you have high ceilings. You can use the extra square footage underneath it for a mini entertainment center.


Get this loft bed from Amazon for $284.99 (also available in silver or white). Here's a similar option for $269.

5. Install desks and tables that can be folded away when not in use.

7. Embrace minimalism, which basically means being more selective with furniture and decor items.

9. Utilize your walls for storage by installing shelves and racks.

bit.ly, amazon.com

Get the toilet paper holder from Uncommon Goods for $115 and a set of two floating book shelves from Amazon for $70.48. (Another choice here.)

10. Separate areas with a rug, especially if you live in a studio or loft apartment.

11. Or, use a room divider. It'll give your abode the separation it needs without making the space feel closed off.

hayneedle.com, amazon.com

Get the bamboo room divider from Hayneedle for $87.43 and the wood-plastic partition from Amazon for $62.66 (set of ten pieces).

12. Paint the walls white (or a light color) to create the illusion of spaciousness.

Katarzynabialasiewicz / Getty Images

White reflects more light, which makes a room seem larger. Here's a handy guide to painting a room.

Get a paint kit from Amazon for $13.80.

13. And if you do decide to go with a bright wall, keep the decor monochrome.

Katarzynabialasiewicz / Getty Images

While bright-colored walls can be awesome in a larger home, too many colors or colors that are too dark can make tight spaces appear smaller.

14. Choose multifunctional furniture. You'll need fewer pieces if each one can pull double duty.

amazon.com, amazon.com, amazon.com

Get them from Amazon: convertible sofa bed for $159, shoe rack storage bench for $48.99, and mirrored jewelry cabinet for $89.94.

15. Maximize closet space with a proper organizing system.

16. Opt for a few pieces of acrylic furniture. It is ~clearly~ the right thing to do.

amazon.com, amazon.com

These items are stylish but won't make a room feel too busy.

Get them from Amazon: acrylic console table for $70.12 and a set of two acrylic chairs for $109.99.

17. Set aside some open space in the room — resist the urge to fill up all your floor space!

In4mal / Getty Images

No matter how small your apartment is, this trick will make it seem roomier.

18. Keep furniture lower on the ground if you have low ceilings.

19. Stick to light colors when it comes to large furniture pieces.

Onzeg / Getty Images

A lot of dark furniture pieces can make a small space feel crowded. However, you can still use smaller items in dark colors as accents.

Here are some suggestions.

21. Decorate the walls with a large print or two.

22. Consolidate your kitchen with multipurpose appliances. Why have ten items when you can do everything with one?

This Instant Pot has seven uses: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, and warmer. (On another note, here's an interesting article about how many kitchen items can be replaced by one stand mixer.)

Here are some suggestions.

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