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    39 Things For Your Desk That'll Make Your Co-Workers Say, "Where'd You Get That?"

    Let's make cubicle life more colorful.

    1. A little giraffe willing to extend a hand (or rather, a neck) to help you get the right measurements.

    2. A watermelon tape dispenser so you can keep a little bit of summer on your desk at all times.

    3. A Rubik's cube tissue box cover that Sheldon Cooper would approve of.

    4. A pack of pushpins sure to be ~whale~ received at the office.

    5. A pair of drumstick pencils so you can rock out at your desk and maybe even start an office band.

    6. A mini planetarium paperweight that'll keep you mesmerized during coffee breaks.

    7. A tiny hedgehog happy to carry your business cards on his back.

    8. A box of matchstick pencils for igniting your creative fire.

    9. A spinning decision maker that's basically a Magic 8 Ball for professional adults.

    10. A free-standing pegboard with changeable letters so you can display different messages each week.

    11. A mini hoverboard to play with until you can get your hands on a life-sized version (not the kind with wheels — a real, floating one).

    12. A pair of golden hands for keeping books together so yours can be free to do actual important stuff.

    13. An avocado eraser with a pencil-sharpening pit that's not a ~hass-le~ to use.

    14. A sprout-shaped bookmark to plant on top of pages or between pages — they're small enough to mark the last line read!

    15. A pair of gilded scissors that look like they once belonged to a fairy queen.

    16. A pack of sticky notes for jotting down ideas, but more importantly, reminding you that skipping breakfast is NOT an option.

    17. A mug that'll make sure you won't ~puget~ about going to Yoga after work.

    18. An ~un-bear-ably~ cute panda who's always there to remind you what day it is.

    19. A glass bowl others may mistake for a plastic ziplock bag.

    20. A box of penguin paper clips that are too flippin' adorable.

    21. A small but detailed figurine of Hedwig to keep at your desk (mainly because real owls are frowned upon in the office).

    22. A mouse pad with a wrist rest that's simply ~paw-some~.

    23. A pink dinosaur whose warm glow will offset harsh fluorescent lighting and make your workspace much cozier.

    24. A set of rainbow pencils that look like you stabbed a unicorn with them. (However, please do NOT stab a unicorn should you ever encounter one.)

    25. A fluffy llama ready to chase away dust bunnies at a moment's notice.

    26. A ~sub-lime~ mini humidifier for combating dry office air. (Why is the AC always on full-blast, why?!)

    27. A pizza USB stick that'll convince your coworkers they need a slice of their own (because you sure as hell aren't going to lend them yours!)

    28. A curious owl who just wants to hold your glasses.

    29. A desk plaque for sparking conversations that matter.

    30. An eye-catching sequin notebook that changes color when you brush your hand over it.

    31. A pack of sushi sticky tabs to ensure you ~maki~ it to all your appointments on time.

    32. A proud lioness who takes her job of stapling papers together very seriously.

    33. A floating bucket that'll keep all your office supplies organized (and convince your colleagues that you're practicing black magic).

    34. A porcelain porcupine waiting to use your collection of pens as its quills.

    35. A car-shaped wireless mouse with ~wheel-y~ cool details — the headlights give off a glow and the tires actually spin!

    36. A mermaid tail pen that'll get compliments without you having to fish for them.

    37. A pack of markers with expressions to match yours. Mondays are gray and Fridays are blue.

    38. A pretty geode coaster that'll look great on your desk even when there's no drink on top.

    39. A miniature sink with a magnetic faucet to keep you from ~draining~ your paper clip supply.

    Throw a party at your desk to celebrate all this cool new stuff!