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    39 Things Every Messy Cook Needs For Their Kitchen

    Let's take the chaos out of cooking.

    Hey! While we try to keep our posts updated as much as we can, this post is actually from 2017, so we can't guarantee that the pricing and/or availability of the products featured are accurate. For our most up-to-date recommendations, check out the 2018 version of this post!

    1. A spill stopper so you won't have to worry about that pot of pasta boiling over and wreaking havoc on your stovetop.

    2. A splatter protection wall to keep grease from flying EVERYWHERE.

    3. A pan and pot lid organizer that'll keep your cabinets neat and make everything easily accessible.

    4. A pot clip (with a flexible opening) to hold up your sauce-covered spoon.

    5. A set of stove counter gap covers to keep crumbs (and liquids) from falling into the unreachable abyss.

    6. A rotating utensil holder so you can quickly find and grab the tool you need.

    7. A hand-powered food chopper, because dicing tomatoes can get really sloppy.

    8. A set of cutting board extension bins to keep your chopped vegetables (or scraps) organized. One of them has a colander base.

    9. A mini food processor that'll do all the messy prep work for you and isn't an eyesore.

    10. A magnetic fridge rack with a paper towel holder to keep your cleaning supplies within reach.

    11. A lazy Susan spice rack so you don't have to empty half of the cabinet to find the cumin.

    12. A set of flexible cutting boards that can transform into scoops.

    13. A pack of nonstick oven liners to catch any drips, spills, or crumbs and prevent them from becoming burnt blobs that won't budge no matter how hard you scrub.

    14. This elevated jar spoon you won't need a rest for (the handle is heavier, so the head is always raised).

    15. A perforated washing bowl that'll make rinsing rice and produce so much simpler.

    16. An apron to protect you from inevitable splatters. It's so pretty you'll actually want to wear it.

    17. A salt and pepper grinder set so you won't have to switch between two shakers.

    18. A pack of nonstick gas range protectors to keep the stovetop clean.

    19. A double-sided chopping board that collects juices and crumbs.

    20. A clip-on strainer to keep your food from falling into the sink. Bonus: Your hands won't come close to hot liquids!

    21. A collapsible mulitpurpose stand that holds plastic bags and also acts as a drying rack.

    22. An adjustable oil pourer so you always get the perfect amount.

    23. A no-mess citrus juicer that won't leave your hands covered in pulp.

    24. A set of flexible measuring cups for some precise pouring control.

    25. A 3-in-1 avocado tool that's actually easy to clean.

    26. A cookbook and tablet stand so you never lose your page.

    27. A set of stackable refrigerator storage bins to keep all your raw ingredients organized.

    28. A ravioli-shaped spoon rest that's worth every ~penne~.

    29. A funnel set so liquids won't spill everywhere as you're transferring some from one container to another.

    30. A flat colander to catch all those scraps in the sink. Simply lift up and dump into the trash can. Amazing.

    31. A set of silicone pinch bowls for mise en place. They're stackable and shatterproof.

    32. A hanging garbage bag holder that doesn't crowd your counter space.

    33. A collapsible dish tub to soak dirty dishes and utensils in until you're ready to wash them.

    34. A slim knife stand that provides a clear view.

    35. A sectioned pan so you can cook a whole meal with one pan.

    36. A silicone bread maker for a quick and mess-free baking process.

    37. A refillable basting bulb and brush that's easy to use and comes apart for cleaning in the dishwasher.

    38. A microwave pasta cooker so you can make dinner in minutes. It's one less pot to wash!

    39. And a bottle of Mrs. Meyer's multi-surface cleaner that'll leave your counters sparkling clean and your kitchen smelling amazing.

    Enjoy a mess-free cooking experience!