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    20 Target Travel Products That Will Make You Feel Like A Genius

    Frequent flyer favorites.

    1. A soft and lightweight travel blanket that's *the* definition of multifunctional. It has slots to help keep your feet warm and can also be worn over your shoulders using the snap buttons. It doubles as a travel pillow when packed into the built-in pocket, and there's also a strap attached that can snap to your backpack or carry-on. It's truly doing the most.

    2. A pack of "early stage" pimple patches with dissolving micropoints to help nip any emerging pimples in the bud (because airplanes + unfamiliar foods + weird sleeping schedule = recipe for breakouts). Future-you will be glad you packed these, whether it's for a work trip or vacation.

    A close-up of hands peeling off the semi-transparent patches, showing size and thickness

    3. A slim RFID-blocking waist pouch so you can carry your valuables close to your body. It's small enough to wear under a jacket/hoodie if you wish to conceal it and also cute enough to go with most outfits if you want to wear it out. Very versatile.

    The pouch in a light gray-blue color,  with a zip compartment and a zip pocket and adjustable strap

    4. A travel toiletries set for an easy and aesthetically pleasing way to bring all your favorite products with you, in a TSA-approved clear pouch. It's an eco-friendly choice, too, since you'll be able to refill the bottles repeatedly.

    the full set of dark green travel toiletry items

    5. A Neutrogena SPF 50 sunscreen stick that's TSA-friendly, spill-proof, and glides on like an absolute dream. It can be used on both your face and body, which means one less item to lug around.

    The product, which resembles a deodorant stick, with a cap and twist-up container

    6. A folding accessories organizer to make tangled jewelry and missing earring backs a thing of the past. Picking apart stuck-together chains during your precious time off? I think ~knot~! The slim profile means it'll fit easily and securely into your bag.

    The seafoam green organizer with a cream interior, featuring multiple zipper compartments and loops inside

    7. A luggage scale so there's zero mystery about how much your suitcase weighs *before* you get to the airport. It could save you from having to open everything back up and rearrange at the check-in line or a hefty overweight baggage charge. Emotional baggage is enough for us to deal with — we don't need this energy, thank you very much.

    A hand holding the scale, which is attached to a piece of luggage

    8. A hanging toiletry bag for anyone who always has to share a bathroom sink on trips. There's usually not enough room for even ONE person's products, let alone two. Just hang this on the towel bar and you can access all your products easily — without having to battle it out with your S.O./friend/sibling.

    The bag in light blue, featuring a single compartment with zip closure, black inner mesh pockets, a built-in hanger, and tote handle

    9. A set of packing cubes that'll help you maximize the space in your suitcase. These are great for many reasons: 1) they'll allow you to squeeze in more items, 2) everything will be organized and easy to find, thanks to the mesh panels, and 3) unpacking will also be easier once you arrive at your destination.

    The cubes in aqua color, with zip closure and mesh tops that reveal items inside

    10. A handy pouch with different pockets inside to keep all your travel essentials in one place (wallet, passport, lip balm, hand sanitizer, headphones, hair ties, etc.). No more digging around your tote to fish out what you need.

    The black polyester fabric pouch with a single zippered compartment and multiple interior slip pockets

    11. A two-port wall charger so you can juice up two devices using one outlet. And it's always safer to have a plug that can accommodate both USB-A and USB-C cords, because who can even keep track of which device needs which at this point?! (The bright color also means you're less likely to forget it when checking out. We simply cannot sacrifice yet another charger to the hotel gods.)

    The charger in hot pink

    12. A weighted eye mask for anyone who has trouble falling asleep anywhere other than their own bed — and especially in a different time zone. It'll block out the light and offer soothing compression without squeezing your head. Snooooze.

    A model using the sleep mask in gray

    13. A magnetic battery pack that doubles as a kickstand so you can rest and recharge (your phone) no matter where you are in the world. No cords needed!

    14. A packable duffel to have on hand — just in case you buy a ton of stuff and run out of luggage space. We always start the trip thinking we won't need an extra bag... but history has taught us otherwise. What wishful thinking, lol.

    15. An anti-friction balm so you can protect your feet from blisters because even reliable shoes could end up rubbing the wrong way after a few days of repeated wear. And if you're considering wearing new shoes on a trip, you're truly a brave soul and I wish you nothing but the best. (But seriously, bring the blister balm.)

    The product in a twist-up container

    16. A pair of moisture-wicking compression socks for preventing your legs and feet from swelling up after a long flight. Anything to make a 12-hour journey a little less painful, amirite...?

    The knee-length socks in black and gray with purple and hot pink accents

    17. A cashmere vanilla-scented body serum stick (infused with magnesium and squalane) that'll help you relax while hydrating your skin. You'll feel pampered, even if a spa session is not on the itinerary.

    A model applying the product on skin

    18. A chic and spacious backpack destined to become your "personal item" of choice. It truly has a place for everything, from a 16-inch laptop pocket to a velvety-lined zip compartment for sunglasses, to a side pocket for your water bottle — and much more. Overpacker? Don't worry, the padded straps will save your shoulders even when the bag gets heavy.

    19. A pack of mini cleansing cloths, if you want to leave your big bottle of makeup remover at home. These will take everything off your face in no time, with just a bit of water... which honestly sounds great after a super long day of doing touristy things.

    The cloths in a variety of colors

    20. A travel-size Evian mineral water facial spray for refreshing your skin during a flight/train ride/road trip. (Is there a mode of transportation that doesn't try out our skin?? Boat??) The ultra-fine mist is sooo soothing and won't leave large droplets everywhere. It can also double as a toner and setting spray in a pinch, too.

    A model inserting the spray into a handbag

    Bon voyage, friend!