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30 Kitchen Products That'll Make Your Guests Say ‘Where’d You Get That?’

Wow anyone who steps foot into your (probably underutilized) kitchen.

1. Pretend you're King Arthur and pull this sword-shaped grater out of a boulder (made of cheese).

2. Rock out to AC/DC while using this oven mitt to prepare a kickass dinner.

3. Have these tiny farm animals do all the ~heavy (pot lid) lifting~ for you.

4. Prove that you're a ~hardcore~ avocado fan with this colorful cutting board.

5. Get some sunshine on your plate with this egg fry mold.

6. Enjoy a classic camping treat in the comfort of your home with this tabletop s'more maker.

7. Feel happy every time you open the fridge with a set of magnets that ~no-bunny~ else will have.

8. Bring the charm of an old-time diner to your kitchen with this retro hot beverage carafe.

9. Enhance your baking experience with this measuring cup set that's shaped like a milk bottle.

10. Cleverly disguise your paper towel roll in this log-shaped holder.

11. Educate and entertain your dinner guests with this informative cheese platter.

12. Display this iridescent knife set on the wall — they're too pretty for the drawer!

13. Expand your collection of mermaid-themed items with this scaly bottle opener.

14. Brighten up a kitchen wall with this vegetable alphabet print.

15. Delight (and confuse) your friends and family with this crossword puzzle trivet.

16. Abandon store-bought ice pops for good with these ocean-themed ice pop molds.

17. Add a dose of minimalist design to your utensil drawer with these salad servers.

18. Show your love for orangutans with this cotton dish towel.

19. Make just enough juice, smoothie, or shake for one with this aesthetically pleasing personal extraction blender.

20. Own up to the fact that you're actually Wonder Woman for cooking dinner (instead of ordering in) with this apron.

21. Make fresh-squeezed OJ with this cactus-shaped citrus juicer, then hide it among your real succulents.

22. Whip up a ~heart-y~ stew using this wooden cutout spoon.

23. Give your sponge some well-deserved rest on this bed-shaped holder.

24. Carve up a fluffy loaf of bread on this cloud-shaped board.

25. Reach for this screaming (but cute) oven pull monster when the cookies are done.

26. Dress a simple salad with these dachshund–shaped oil and vinegar cruets.

27. Serve up a scoop of ice cream in this porcelain cone without having to worry about the bottom leaking.

28. Jot down grandma's special lasagna recipe (and your own creations) in this fill-in-the-blank cookbook.

29. Add some '70s groove to your kitchen with this cheerful saucepan.

30. Say "oui" to these ramekins with French birdies painted on the inside.

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