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    37 Kitchen Products That'll Make Your Guests Say "Where’d You Get That?"

    “OMG, I need one of those!” —Your friends, when they see anything in your kitchen. They'll just have to get their own flamingo plates because you are NOT letting those babies go.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A monstera leaf-inspired slotted spoon for adding tropical vibes to your kitchen.

    2. A non-stick cookie sheet set with emoji cookie cutters for baking treats as tasty as they are Instagrammable.

    3. A measuring spoon set sure to ~cherry~ you up whenever you see them in the drawers.

    4. A cute but ghoulish bottle opener that'll encourage you to pop open another bottle.

    5. A heart-shaped bundt pan for baking cakes so pretty, they'll bring a ~tier~ to your eye.

    6. A Frenchie who can guard your spices with a serious face until it's time to cook.

    7. A pair of flame oven mitts that can handle the hottest of dishes. They look like FIRE, literally.

    8. A pink flamingo plate everyone will compliment you on because it's just so ~flocking~ adorable.

    9. An emoji timer you'll go heart-eyes over.

    10. A silicone spoon rest with the magic ability to make a utensil look like Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers (if Linda wore a bow, that is).

    11. A kangaroo salt and pepper shaker set to bring a little ~joey~ to the process of cooking.

    12. A citrus juicer shaped like a watering can so you can pour some flavor into your dishes.

    13. A ceramic coffee mug because coffee is even more enjoyable when it's served with a side of llamas.

    14. A silicone egg mold for making a purrr-fectly shaped breakfast.

    15. A magnetic wooden knife rack sure to ~peak~ anyone's interest.

    16. A baby giraffe who'll help you scoop out just the right amount of coffee.

    17. A Poké Ball pizza cutter you might as well just buy because it's a combination of your two fave things.

    18. A set of diagram pint glasses for the coolest way to serve a Bloody Mary.

    19. A retro butter dish to delight and confuse anyone who opens your fridge.

    20. A bunny cheese board so cute, you'll definitely keep it around after Easter.

    21. A golden pineapple trivet that'll look great on the table even when it's not in use.

    22. A Central Perk apron to wear if you happen to be the Monica of the group.

    23. A ~fin-tastic~ bottle stopper for the rare occasion when you and the roomies can't finish a whole bottle.

    24. A pair of meat claws so you can unleash your inner Wolverine — but don't hurt yourself because you don't have regenerative healing!

    25. A heart-shaped mini waffle maker to make brunch at home a lot sweeter.

    26. A Death Star teapot and mug set for one because the Empire doesn't like to share and neither do you.

    27. A handheld strainer you ~whale~ reach for a lot because it's cute and useful.

    28. An aesthetically pleasing chopping board that might as well be a piece of wall art.

    29. An artist's palette-inspired serving platter so you can make cheese slices and olives look like a masterpiece.

    30. A sunny side up egg turner 100% worth shelling out for, no ~yolk~.

    31. A ladybug dish brush that'll be super easy to spot in the sink.

    32. An ice tray for creating aquatic creatures that'll swim in your drinks.

    33. A set of reusable zipper bags people might mistake for real hinged jars because they can actually stand upright!

    34. A salad plate with a dapper owl ~hoo~ is probably better dressed than you are. 😂

    35. A pair of cotton kitchen towels to make doing the dishes ~succ~ a little less.

    36. A matryoshka doll measuring cup set that'll nest neatly for storage.

    37. A set of rocket ship baking cups for whipping up cupcakes that look and taste out of this world.

    So. many. cute. things.

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