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    37 Gifts For People Who Spend All Day At Their Desks

    Show some love for the workaholic in your life.

    1. A mini Crock-Pot so they can skip the microwave line and heat food up right at their desk.

    2. A pretty succulent to keep them company during after hours (because they're always the last one to leave and it gets lonely in the office!).

    3. An adorable cable bite that'll not only protect their charging cord from fraying but will also help differentiate which cord is theirs.

    4. A puzzle cube tissue box any fan of The Big Bang Theory would approve of.

    5. An Instax photo frame so they can always keep their friends and family close by.

    6. A 2-in-1 device cleaner to finally get rid of the nastiness collecting on their tablet/phone/computer screen.

    7. A memory foam seat cushion and lumbar pillow that'll make sitting down for hours and hours a comfier experience.

    8. A keyboard cover for protecting their laptop from inevitable spills.

    9. A motivational water bottle so they'll remember to stay hydrated, even on a jam-packed day.

    10. A mini wacky wavy inflatable tube guy to be an endless source of entertainment.

    11. A cleverly designed pen holder that can double as a desk calendar.

    12. A set of notepads for accurately expressing how they feel on one of those days (aka Mondays).

    13. A cute puppy who will happily hold their glasses so they never misplace them.

    14. A vacuum-insulated travel mug (with a leak-proof slider lid) actually big enough to hold the amount of coffee they need in the morning. The vintage aesthetic is just a bonus!

    15. A desk lamp (disguised as a potted plant) that'll provide extra lighting when they work late. Plus, it's a pen holder.

    16. An adorable cactus humidifier because cubicles can be as dry as a desert.

    17. A set of adjustable display shelves so their desk will be the envy of the entire office.

    18. An ~elephantastic~ phone holder + speaker perfect for watching YouTube videos on their break.

    19. A memory foam wrist rest to offer some support for a long day of typing.

    20. Tiny magnetic balls they can arrange (and rearrange) in about a million different ways. These'll definitely come in handy for those three-hour-long meetings.

    21. A foot hammock so they can kick back, relax ... and finish that report.

    22. A set of sleek acrylic organizers for keeping all their stationery items neat and tidy.

    23. A travel cutlery set to keep at work so they never have to use disposable plastic ones.

    24. A pack of pill-shaped pens that'll definitely boost their mood, even though they aren't real vitamins.

    25. A weekly planning pad so they can keep track of their to-do list, as well as water intake and healthy habits.

    26. Or, a chic planner for the person who enjoys planning ahead for the whole year.

    27. A monitor memo board to keep track of all their sticky notes. It can even hold their phone, so they won't miss any important text messages.

    28. A desk mirror that'll fold away and tuck into a drawer when it's not in use.

    29. A quiet little desk fan so they can stay chill even when the AC is down.

    30. A pair of over-ear Bluetooth headphones for blocking out the construction noise across the street that's been going on since last December.

    31. A mini desk vacuum to keep their workspace cookie crumb-free.

    32. An egg-shaped stress toy that can help to build finger resistance and prevent hand cramps.

    33. An origami-style cardboard standing desk so they'll get on their feet and give their butt a rest.

    34. A bottle of ultra-moisturizing hand cream perfect for a luxurious mid-day treat.

    35. A fluffy llama who will eagerly chase away dust bunnies and look mighty cute on their desk.

    36. An electric heated throw blanket they can "burrito" themselves in when the office reaches sub-zero temperatures.

    37. A daily mood desk flip chart so everyone knows whether they're having a good day or a ~ruff~ day.

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