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29 Essentials For Throwing The Perfect Harry Potter Party

Accio butterbeer!

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1. Send out owl balloon party invitations.

Use owl balloons to deliver your party invitations door-to-door. Create your own Hedwig balloon using these instructions to get people excited to attend your Harry Potter smash.


12. Throw on a cape and round glasses to become Harry Potter, the Chosen One.

Become the one and only Harry with these instructions.


16. Put on some glasses and hold a crystal ball to be the Professor Trelawney of your party.

17. Win the costume contest with this special Mad Eye Moody costume.

Create your own DIY verision using this guide here.


25. Make everyone feel like they are living out their book dreams by serving Acid pops.

Make your own just like the ones Harry had in Honeydukes Sweetshop in Hogsmeade! This recipe uses pop rocks and tootsie pops.

29. Chocolate frogs are the most iconic snack from the book, and you can easily make them for your party.

Create your own just like the ones Harry gets on the Hogwarts Express using chocolate mold via this guide.


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