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11 Perfect Wine Pairings For Every Stressful Holiday Situation

Bury your stress under the snow and let a fun wine like [yellow tail] keep you at ease this holiday season.

A smooth merlot to ease the pain of untangling Christmas lights.

A refreshing chardonnay when your wrapping paper doesn’t quite cover the whole box.

Pink bubbles when you need to make small talk with your extended family more interesting.

A big, bold red to complement the bold barks of Rocky and Benji.

A sweet moscato when your roommate ate the last of the Christmas cookie dough.

Light and vibrant bubbles to contrast the heaviness of finding out your snowman got run over by the plow.

A chilled pinot grigio to cool you off when the fireplace makes you overheat.

A luscious cabernet sauvignon when you accidentally tie your finger in the wrapping ribbon.

A cool, crisp white to balance the frostbite on your nose after spending the afternoon sledding.

A spicy shiraz to match those fierce, uncoordinated dance moves you’re whipping out at your work’s holiday party.

A citrusy sangria when your stocking’s hung by chimney without care.

All images via Danielle Ceneta (c) BuzzFeed

No matter the situation, there’s a wine for that! [yellow tail] is here to make sure you have the most fun (and responsible) holiday season ever.