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The influence of social media on today’s world

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Multi Level Marketing Strategy

During the last couple of years, a new marketing trend has emerged thanks to the evolution of social media. Based on this, social media marketing represents the practice of promoting both products and services through social networks, to targeted audiences.

While most social media networks did not actively focus on ads when they first launched, most of the major social media website shave a variety of built-in data analytic tools, meant to allow advertisers and marketers to track the number of impressions, progress, engagement and overall success that their ad campaigns have brought. Nowadays, a smart social media marketing strategy has the potential to greatly increase the popularity and number of sales that a company gets.

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While social media is meant to allow people to connect with one another, there are also a wide variety of issues associated with it. The biggest negative effect of social media is likely the fact that it leads to addiction. At this moment in time, millions of people throughout the world spend countless hours browsing on social media websites, thus reducing their productivity, leading to a diversion of focus and even health problems in the long run. Fortunately, addiction is not affecting all members of society, but rather mostly teenagers and students. One of the other key negative effects of social media is that it gets extremely easy to share information that can become compromising, if left in the wrong hands. This fact alone has led to numerous anti-social media campaigns carried out over the last couple of years. Photos depicting violence and sex are also commonly seen, some of which can tend to damage the behavior exhibited by younger members of social media websites.

Regardless of the issues outlined above, most of them are treatable, and avoidable as long as common sense is used while browsing social media websites.

To ensure marketing success, advertisers need to keep a number of factors in mind, such as setting their particular advertising goals prior to starting a campaign, creating budgets for the campaigns, researching the best platforms for certain types of ads, testing various campaigns to see how well they score, scheduling appropriately, determining the metrics that can best represent the marketing campaign status, and last but not least, attempt to correctly target content, while also fitting social ad campaigns in the current world context to help increase impressions and sales.

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