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12 Stages Of Buying Your First Home, As Told By Animals

The simplest guide yet to home ownership.

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1. Saving every last penny for a deposit. / Via

Put away as much as you can afford. Every little bit counts!

2. Spending an eternity doing your research. / Via

"This flat looks amazing – oh wait, it was sold two years ago?"

Don't give up hope. Finding a home that suits your needs will be more than worth the wait!

3. Choosing the right mortgage. / Via

Finding the right lender can be overwhelming. But remember: only apply for a mortgage you are confident you can afford.

4. Making an offer and waiting nervously for a response.

BBC / Via

"Did I just hear my phone ringing?"

5. Finding a qualified surveyor. / Via

"Don't mind me while I just inspect your outer wall..."

6. The all-important moment of exchange. / Via

Deep breaths. Now you're only a handshake and some paperwork away from completion!

7. Completion! / Via

Congratulations, you are now a home owner!

8. Collecting the keys. / Via

Take hold of your keys with pride! You have now crossed an important threshold in moving into a home that is now YOURS.

9. The move-in day. / Via

"Good news guys! I think I've found the box with all my underwear!"

10. First night in the house. / Via

Tuck in for your first night and don't panic when you wake up in a house you might not recognise. Tomorrow will be an exciting new chapter in your life!

11. Housewarming party! / Via

"Guys, guys...check me out dancing for the first time in my new home!"

12. Renovation time! Now the hard work actually begins. / Via

It's now time to put your own touch on the house and start building your dream home. Make sure you cherish every moment because the journey has only just begun!

The struggle of home ownership is real, but there is nothing quite like moving into your first property. Yorkshire Building Society understands how much getting your first home means. Find out more here.