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WashODry - On-Demand Dry-Cleaning & Laundry Service App

‘Washodry’ is an On Demand dry Cleaning & Laundry service based app to serve the daily needs for laundry services. Get started ordering through washodry application.We all have those days, days where we’re especially lazy, where even taking out the garbage to the front sidewalk can seem like the only biggest chore in the world. Now, imagine having to go do your laundry on such a day? Annoying right? Well, now it doesn’t have to be that way anymore, for there is an easier solution, one that doesn’t even require you to love the front steps of your house next time you need your laundry done. How does it work one asks? Simply, through use of your cellphone, anyone in select areas can now place an order for laundry pick-up/drop-off, and someone will soon show up at their doorsteps to take their bag(s) of laundry off their hands. That bag will then be dropped off at a pre-selected laundromat, where upon completion of a full wash/dry cycle, the laundry will then be properly folded away and taken back to its original owner, safe and clean intact. See, sounds both so easy and lovely now, doesn’t it? Washodry is the app responsible for this ingenious development. If you’Available on Google Play Stored like to find out more about the company themselves, feel free to visit their website at They are a recent self start-up company, whose mobile app for their service is only just launching soon, so best pay attention now! For they not only offer laundry services, but they also include dry-cleaning in their list of services as well. They even let you choose the schedule, let you decide when you would like your laundry picked up and dropped off. They bring back everything nice and fresh within 24-36 hours, but let’s say you have a special event going on and need them back asap, then same day expedite is also offered but only if you place your order between 8-10am. They even make it easy to sign up for their overall service as well, requiring online registration via email or social account. So you see, everything that is easy and convenient in the world is all located in this ingenious new app. Hurry up ! Install the App , Sign up & place your order – First 100 Customers get 5 Lbs off on First Order.

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Do what you love , We got your laundry !

Do what you love, Time is precious. And laundry is a chore. So why not let WashODry Jersey's popular home laundry and dry cleaning pickup and delivery service – do it for you? We know laundry is personal and people are precise about how their clothes are handled. That's why when you sign up for WashODry you can tell us exactly - for real – how you would like your laundry done. Tell us if you want your clothes folded, rolled, or hung. The point is we'll put adequate care into doing your family's laundry as you would do. So sit back! Relax! Enjoy your time with family , enjoy Netflix time , movies , complete your assignments or presentation for work and let us take care of your laundry!

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