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Which Freshman KPU Boy Are You?

This is a true test of your character. Are you an Alex, or a Yaz?

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  1. What is your favorite place to study on campus?

    2nd floor of library
    3rd floor of library
  2. Who is better?

    Kamala Harris
    Tammy Duckworth
  3. What do you usually do on Tuesday nights?

  4. What show are you currently watching on Netflix?

    Black Mirror
  5. Favorite type of Alcohol?

    Vodka Cranberry
    A nice craft beer
  6. Favorite drunk food?

  7. What is your least favorite genre of music?

    Country (don't you dare take the aux and play it)

Which Freshman KPU Boy Are You?

You got: Alex

You are Alex Behle! You usually find yourself watching more netflix than you should and apologizing for every single little thing. When you're not studying, you're probably talking about how much you love Hillary.

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You got: Yaz

You are Yaz Hanouneh! You wish you could watch netflix, but you probably don't have the time because you're too busy overworking yourself and then being insecure about what you do. Like Alex, you'll probably snap everytime someone attacks Hillary because she is the best and that is indisputable.

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