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    If You're Looking For A Movie That Will Make You Sweat With Anticipation, Then Look No Further Than These 7 Action Films

    Car explosions and bad guys and car chases, oh my!

    1. The Dark Knight

    The Joker hangs out the driver's side of a police car

    2. The Bourne Ultimatum

    A close up of Jason Bourne as he holds a gun

    3. Die Hard

    4. The Matrix

    Neo bends over backwards while dodging bullets

    5. Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

    Ethan Hunt scales the side of a tall building

    6. The Expendables

    The cast of "The Expendables" stands in a tunnel with guns

    7. And finally,The Raid: Redemption

    A man blocks the punch from another man

    Are there any other action movies that leave your heart palpating? Let us know in the comments!