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When A Non GoT Fan Watches The Season Finale

7 Thoughts While Watching The GoT Season Finale From A 1st Time Viewer. Shoutout to Google for the help.

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There's a whole lot of banter about cock so far...


Cersei sounds similar to Cerassie which is a bitter herb. Fitting name for this woman.

Oh Mummy...err Zombie...ugly thing

Seriously what the hell was that Walking Dead-esque thing.

Hubba Hubba

Ohhh Jon Snow you are so fine. Standing in all that fur and loyalty.

Sansa & Arya Stark

Nuff said.

Jon and the Dragon Queen

...and sweaty and all that jazz.

Literal cliffhanger

I don't know what all that fire-ice breathing dragon and marching men means for everyone other than it's about to get ugly.

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