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Harvard-Yale Advice From Alums

Not sure what to expect from Harvard-Yale weekend? We've polled recent Yale alums about their experiences and come up with advice for a great weekend!

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What was your favorite experience at Harvard-Yale?

"I always love showing my school pride! I gather all my Yale gear, put on at least two face tattoos from College Customs and even paint my nails blue and white with friends in the days before the game. Preparing for the game is often as fun as actually being at the game.”

“Going to the game and watching Yale win!”

“Spending time with friends, uninterrupted by work.”

“The tailgating and festivities before the game!”

What should people bring to Harvard-Yale?

“Warm clothing and lots of Yale gear.”

“Lots of layers and snacks! You get cold and hungry very easily”

“A phone charger and an extra charged battery just in case! It’s no fun to get lost with a dead phone.”

“Don’t worry about bringing water - Yale Dining will have a tent with water bottles and tons of other food.”

What are other fun things to do on Harvard-Yale weekend?

“Go to Dreamgirls, the Yale fall mainstage!”

“Go to the Pantry to get cinnamon roll pancakes before the game with friends! Hands down, the best breakfast place in New Haven.”

“See one of the many Harvard-Yale performance collaborations happening this weekend! They’re all over Facebook.”

“Go to one of the Yale museums; the Peabody, the YUAG, and the YCBA are all amazing.”

“Arethusa has some really great fall ice cream flavors, and the servings are the size of your head.”

Any other tips for doing Harvard-Yale well?

“Bring warm clothes and shoes that you don't mind getting dirty! It's always colder and muddier than you think.”

“Pace yourself, stay warm, and eat regularly.”

“Have a plan with your friends so that you know where to find them if you get split up. Most people lose cell service in the stadium during the game, and it’s no fun to end up watching the game surrounded by a bunch of strangers.”

“If you get cold/bored/uncomfortable during the game, it’s totally totally fine to get up and leave."

"Take it easy!"

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