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9 Signs It's Time To Organize Your Inbox

Want to finally organize your email/life? The new Yahoo Mail app is here to help you win at life.

1. Your inbox is a truly terrifying place.

2. You get texts from your friends at least once a day asking if you got their email.

3. You've missed social events because the invite is buried somewhere under approximately 1,000 fundraiser emails.

4. You can't find important files because they are buried in a pile of junk.

5. You get 10+ newsletters a day from websites you've never heard of.

6. You routinely break out in a cold sweat after seeing how many unread emails you have in your inbox.

7. There have been times when you were walking down the street and you suddenly remember an email you were supposed to respond to three days ago.

8. The little red bubble on your mail app icon is approaching the 3 digit mark.

9. The concept of getting on top of your emails seems insurmountable.

Ready to finally tackle your inbox? The new Yahoo Mail app makes it easy to find the emails you actually need and get rid of the stuff you don't.