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16 "Community" GIFs That Explain College Perfectly

College is cool. Cool cool cool.

1. When you finally manage to arrange your schedule without any Friday classes.

2. When your parents come to visit for Family Weekend.

3. When you and your crush end up in the same class.

4. When you discover recreational drugs.

5. When you experiment with those recreational drugs.

6. When you experiment too much with those recreational drugs.

7. During your first sloppy makeout session at a college party.

8. When your roommate goes home for the weekend, and you have the entire dorm room all to yourself.

9. When you go through your "experimental" phase.

10. When your flirting game is on fleek.

11. When you catch your roommate stealing your last frozen burrito.

12. When your school forces you to take a foreign-language class.

13. When you decide you want to reinvent yourself.

14. When your dorm RA ropes you into a lame campus event.

15. Any day of the week, when somebody asks what you did last night...

16. ...and exactly two minutes after you officially graduate college.

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Images provided courtesy of Sony Pictures Television