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Are You A Facebook Celebrity Wannabe?

Follow 7 Simple And Easy Steps.

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Have you ever wondered why Facebook “likes” matter? Let’s put it this way. Back to high school, perhaps there are more kids spend more time on figuring out how to be part of the “cool kids” groups than figuring out how to get into the best universities. Facebook is a society online, it is common and normal that you want to be accepted and be part of the mainstreams, because it is human nature, no one wants to be isolated and left out. Thus, Facebook “likes” symbolized the acceptances and approvals by others in your society, which are your friends on Facebook. Since being a celebrity or famous is not so easy in real life, why not follow these easy 7 steps to become an Internet celebrity?

Elisa Zwingenberger / Via Youtube: @Elisa Zwingenberger

Your profile picture is your free advertisements! Choose wisely, because without a perfect profile picture, how do you lure followers??? It is okay if you prefer the ancient and authentic way which is to take 2000+ selfies and spend an afternoon to pick the perfect one. OR, take the advice, enjoy the advantages of technology. Take a selfie with or without makeup, before or after shower, anywhere, anytime you like, because you can leave the job to Photoshop. Save time and avoid facial muscle pain by putting on fake smiles for 2000 times.

#2 “Like” spam before they like spam you


Before you become an Internet celebrity, it is important to first, raise the sense of existence for yourself. Like spam your friends so they will firstly, can’t avoid your existence. Secondly, they will feel bad if they don’t like spam you back. Finally, when you like spam them to a point where they complain about you to their friends, they are promoting your Facebook for you for free!

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No one cares why you take pictures while suffering from hangover but they will notice the cleavage shown in the picture and can’t forgive themselves without giving it a like. Adding appropriate captions only is to make you look less slutty. Photos tell stories, but it is your choice of what kind of story you want to reveal to your viewers. Moreover, you goal is to get “likes” not to make best friends, lies are acceptable.

Sheneka Adams / Via

In order to generate interest, DO NOT reveal your relationship status publicly, unless your bf or gf is already an Internet celebrity, then post as many picture with him/her as possible to attract more attention from his/her followers.

#5 Dogs & cats. Any pets.


Anyone who loves animals cannot be hatable! Doesn’t matter wether the “likes” are to the animals or you, those are “likes” !! If you are lucky enough to have a cute and lovable pet, you can immediately become Internet dog celebrity’s owner. Once your pet has got you enough attention, it is for you to start posting more and more photos of yourself and transfer the attention from the dog to you.

#6 Extreme encouragement


If the previous 5 steps still cannot help you to become an Internet celebrity successfully, it means some kind of encouragement needed for your online friends. The reason why you fail to gain more and more likes on Facebook is because you are not giving enough obvious hint of what you want. Sometimes it is essential to express your need obviously once in a while.

#7 Be responsible of your own choice

Congratulation! If you have successfully become an Internet celebrity, whether loved or hated, at least you have successfully got the attention you want on the Internet and lose the precious real relationships with your family, friends and co-workers. You are getting compliments and “likes” from people who you don’t know and probably live on the other side of the world, but you think your life is all based on how people see you on Internet. Sacrificing the chances to talk about lives with your family because you are busy interacting with people you don’t even know on your phone. You are missing beautiful sceneries during your road trips because you are busy editing your selfie and counting the likes you get. You fail to value your real identity and respect who you really are as you have being living in a life which you are expected to be living online. Other than this, if you are still satisfied with what you have achieved online, please be responsible to any consequences you get, which means, we are not responsible for that.

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