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11 Spongebob Reasons Why Instagram Is Ruining Your Life

Never use Instagram unless you want to end up alone, annoyed and bloodshot.

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It's 3 in the morning and you have a shift at 9AM. What are you doing? Still scrolling. Everyone has been there, in the Instagram craze that seems to engulf all of your time when you have filled your ears filled with responsibility or just plain old boredom. However, the truth is -- no matter what is going on in your life -- you will always return back to Instagram to scroll through all of its glory and eye-catching aesthetics. Whether it may be makeup tutorials, health videos, meme accounts, food recipes or straight up ridiculousness it always seems to come back into your life and drink up your precious time even if you know you could be doing something much more productive.

Nowadays, everything is always on-the-go in this fast-paced society that Instagram is something that could be snuck into your daily life and a way to recuperate from the daily tasks. It has been embedded into our lives as a way to quickly de-stress and to move onto the next task at hand. Even the way that Instagram is designed fits into the fast life that we all seem to live now. Every motion on Instagram engages with our fast life whether it be through the fast scrolling, quick searches, hyperlinks to post to other sites at a touch of a button or the ease of upload. Instagram fits into our fast-paced life through their successful design, which is why no matter how busy we become, we will always return back to the popular application and sneak it into our daily time table.

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