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Rolled Ice Cream Made With All Natural Ingredients

Roll in and taste it for yourself!

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Rolled ice cream has recently become popular in America, but Kremo Ice Cream is unique. Kremo serves rolled ice cream made from all natural and fresh ingredients.

Kremo Ice Cream is located in Duluth, Georgia. The cream is locally sourced, delivered weekly, and pasteurized daily right in the shop every morning!

The ice cream here is never made with powders or artificial ingredients.

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Kremo has about 20 flavors to satisfy everyone's taste buds. From lovable Vanilla and Chocolate to specialty NY Cheesecake and Mocha Latte, there's so much to choose from.

"We want to use real ingredients in our ice cream when possible. No artificial flavors or powder mixes can replace the natural aroma of real strawberries, coffee, matcha green tea, and so on." says Kremo CEO Tom Nguyen

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