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Treated Lop Eared Rabbit As A Pet

This cute rabbit is three months old now, his name is xiaoli. The first day we brought him home to our home, he looked very nervous and ate less food. After few days, he started to be close to us. And now we get alone well with each other. To keep the rabbit healthy is a hard thing, I traeted this lop-eared rabbit as a pet and I searched some information about how to raise the rabbit as a pet. The lop- eared raabit also should be treated properly, like any other pet. Firstly, you should consider carefully before purchasing a rabbit and then make or buy a house for your rabbit. And you should know how to feed the rabbbit, ask someone or search on the internent about what they can eat. The most imoortant is that to keep your rabbit healthy and manintain their health.

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