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How To Be A Successful Blogger Beginner Guide 2016

Trying to be a good and successful blogger? To become a successful blogger, you must know that you are listening to people on your blog. Here is the beginner’s guide that can help you to become a blogger that helps people. But before that keep one thing in your mind; People are chasing case not happiness. So, just try to make people happy. They happy, you happy and if they earn then same for you :). It’s like a chain that you must understand. Lets get straight to the point now.

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You may have a blog or maybe not. That doesn't matter. What matters is to choose a right blogging platform and one of them I will suggest you is You will find this more successful more than anyone else. Blogger is hosted by Google and it can boost your stuff in no-time. Also, there are WordPress, Tumblr and Weebly blogging platforms but I just want to give you some place where I got the best results in the start :). Later on, your needs will be bigger and you might have to shift yourself to WordPress but to start ALWAYS CHOOSE BLOGGER. Google always crawl so fast. You can also checkout on how you can earn through here How To Start Blogging- Make Money From Your Blog Part 2

Pick a topic

Now, the very next step is to search in yourself. Didn't understand? Lets be clear, what are you good at? Selling Stuff? Building stuff? Engineering Stuff? Explore yourself and see what are you good at. If you're good at football, write on it. If you're good at selling, write on it and if you're good at marketing then do that too. I simple want you to become successful and the only way to do that is to explore yourself and Pick a Topic and write on it. Help People, they will help you to be a successful blogger.

Design your Blog

Now the next step is to design your blog accordingly. Pick up a theme for your blog according to the topic you picked up. If you have a topic of "fashion" then search for the fashion related themes and I will suggest you for the 2 column templates if you are using Anything else, depends on you ;). Just pick a simple, clean and nice design because user will be able to find things much easier if blog is simple.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is going harder and harder with the days for the people doing black-hat SEO. Pick up the intent keywords. I'll explain about intent keywords in another article as this is going to be a long one. Wink ;). So, pick up the high competition keywords and work hard on it. I won't suggest you to lay back and pick up low keywords and build traffic. Trust me, that worth nothing and when you pick up something like buy, reviews and then you will be on top! I have so much to teach you in SEO so stay tuned for that. I want to explain each and everything I can so you can be a good blogger very soon.

Provide Quality Content and Get Quality Traffic

Always provide brilliant and accessible content. How can that be happened? Think for a second that why are you here? You are searching for something and you need exactly what you typed on Google and got here. Now, you're listening to my words. Same way you have to get a strong grip on your words, you have to make sure that your article really worth and have strong content which user can understand. Just go straight to the point and be specific. Put details but be on the line. Just explain what you're up to and don't mix up things. This is the most important point of a successful Blogger.

Make your posts Unique and be a successful blogger

To rank, you must need high quality and unique content. As a blogger, you must write the exact unique content that people need. Don't copy/paste from other blogs. Always write unique content for your blog what cannot be find anywhere else. Try to organize your article. Put up a nice layout on your article. Always be helpful! If your content is amazing then it will be shared and if that is getting shared then you have traffic and if you have traffic then you have trust! This is the point where you got what you need :).

Promote your Blog and stay away from Spam

First, you have to stay into your own crowd. Let me explain what that means; you have to make sure that you have built enough trust to the people around you. Just like you opened a shop and then people nearby you always prefer to buy stuff from you rather than anyone else. YES! Rather than anyone else. You need to promote your content on social websites and build trust. You should always start promoting your blog when you have at least 20 articles so that your blog doesn't look so much empty. As you know, first impression is the last impression! So, be a successful Blogger.

Here are some ways to promote your blog

Share Content On Social Media Platforms

Try to help people and if they ask for something like guest blog then go for it if they have good Domain authority, I'll tell you about domain authority later on.

Add tags to your posts, this is one of the best ways to promote your blog ;).

Build your reputation on Forums and Add a link into your blog as a signature.

Don't do links share too often, that will harm your website. Just keep your focus on helping people.

Stay Connected To Your Readers

Always stay connected to your readers, to be a successful blogger you must provide excellent support. Everyone can write, everyone can share but not anyone can provide what people need. Take yourself back into they way you were and think what were you looking for and then provide the exact thing. Google always get you on top if you're helpful.

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