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15 Photos That Prove College Is Better On The West Coast

When all you want is to be out in the sand, XFINITY is there to give you access to content on the go.

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1. College is better on the West Coast because of this:

USA, Washington State, Olympic National Park, Driftwood on beach
Bryan Mullennix / Getty Images

USA, Washington State, Olympic National Park, Driftwood on beach

2. Better because of all this gorgeousness:

Julian Starks / Getty Images

3. Because the schools are amazing and because of this right here:

Denise Taylor / Getty Images

4. Because the shred is realer.

Brent Stirton / Getty Images

5. Because the beach buds are better.


6. Because spring semester is all about that wake...

Chase Jarvis / Getty Images

7. ...and spreading out on the golden sand.

Howard Snyder / Getty Images

8. There's nothing like looking out on the big blue Pacific...

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

9. ...or sitting back and relaxing with a book in the golden hour.

Tracy Packer Photography / Getty Images

10. Come on!

Karsten May / Getty Images

11. Who wouldn't want to take a study break on this beach:

Danita Delimont / Getty Images

12. Who wouldn't want to spend four years exploring all of this coastline...

Carlo Allegri / Getty Images

13. ...where your extracurricular can be horseback riding on the beach...

Sandy Huffaker / Stringer / Via Getty Imges

14. ...and where you can end every weekend with a bonfire next to the pier.

David Mcnew / Getty Images

15. Because, let's be honest: Learning is more fun when you have a West Coast beach close-by.

Mark Ralston / Getty Images

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