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11 Ways Going To College In The Northeast Makes You Superhuman

Ya got powers, kid. Plus, you've got access to content on the go with XFINITY.

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2. You take your fair share of weekend hikes and have gone on geology class-related woodsy adventures and are therefore a skilled outdoorsman.

At the very least, you APPRECIATE skilled outdoorsmen.

3. Your apple picking game will remain on fleek for life.

Matthew Oliphant (CC BY-ND http://2.0) / Via Flickr: fajalar

Like every college student in your region before you, your fall weekends are packed with extremely 'gram-able group outings to nearby orchards.

4. You have an incredibly discerning ice cream palette.

The Northeast is home to Brigham's, Ben and Jerry's, Emack and Bolio's, Ample Hills... Need we go on? No matter where you go to school, your study breaks consist of some quality cones.

6. And, speaking of navigation, if you go to school in a Northeast city, no subway system will ever be daunting again.


Whether it's the green line or the g-damn F train, you've figured out some difficult transportation systems in your time.

8. You possess the superhuman ability to be dressed really, really warm while looking really, really cute.

Courtesy of Catherine Durickas

You never miss a late-season football game, and you never don't look cute AF.

10. You've braved active blizzards both to make it to parties and to the library — nothing could keep you from either.

These dogs = you.

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