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11 Things You Learn While Going To College In The South

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1. The freshman 15 is mostly attributed to fried food.

2. Every day is fun because you go to school in the place where everyone else comes for spring break.

3. Seersuckers are always in style and should be celebrated when seen on campus.

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4. No matter how much you need to study, there's always time for a tailgate.

5. Someone always has a truck you can borrow while you move.


6. You'll never get a snow day, but it is very possible that class will get canceled by a hurricane.

7. Two words: boiled peanuts.


8. Ultimate Frisbee is a way of life.

9. You can lie out between classes year-round.

10. There are actually five seasons in a year: winter, spring, summer, fall, and FOOTBALL!!!

11. By the time you graduate, you'll practically bleed sweet tea.

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