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14 Signs You Might Be Obsessed With College Basketball

If loving basketball is wrong, then who wants to be right? Keep up with all your favorite college teams with Xfinity!

1. You're a normal person most of the year, but when college basketball season rolls around, you turn into a hoops-obsessed monster.

2. March is definitely your favorite month of the year.

3. You even dream about basketball.

4. Most people teach their dogs tricks like "sit," "stay," and "roll over." But you do things a little differently.

5. You have a squad of basketball-loving friends, and on game days your group chat is POPPIN'.

6. You also have personalized handshakes for each one of them.

7. When you discover that someone likes college hoops, you instantly need to know everything about them.

8. You, whenever someone says "hi":

9. You will NEVER turn down an offer to watch the game with someone...

10. ...but you ALWAYS make sure their game-day setup has multiple screens so you don't miss any action.

11. You totally judge people by what kind of kicks they're wearing.

12. You, when your team is down by 5 points with 3 seconds left in the fourth quarter:

13. There's no better feeling than watching your team win...

14. ...and there's nothing worse than seeing them lose...

15. ...but no matter what happens, there's one thing you know without a doubt:

Hoops fans, rejoice! With Xfinity, all your services are designed to work together so it's easier than ever to stay connected to the things you love — like all your basketball needs. Now that's a good call!