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15 Things Everybody Does On The Internet But Would Never Admit

*closes five tabs open to the same page*

1. Google ourselves and feel secretly competitive with those who share the same name.

2. Look up how to do embarrassingly intuitive tasks we should already know by now.

3. Open a new tab and completely forget what we were going to do with it.

4. Stalk people we haven't seen IRL in years and will literally never see again.

5. Like our own posts...

6. ...and delete others when they don't earn enough likes.

7. Refresh the feed on our phone when it's already open on the computer in front of us...

8. Post something only to spot a typo, then repost a corrected version like nothing happened.

9. Share links based on only the headline.

10. Check the Missed Connections section to see if we match any of the descriptions.

11. Instinctively switch tabs when someone walks behind us.

12. Pretend to understand slang we later look up on Urban Dictionary.

13. Get major anxiety when someone takes too long to type out their ONE-WORD MESSAGE.

14. Refresh eBay a gazillion times in the final minute of an auction we're bidding on.

15. Refuse to open that Facebook message so it won't be marked as read.

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