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15 Things Everyone Learns The Hard Way After Moving Off Campus

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1. There's no such thing as spacious efficiency, no matter what Craigslist says.

2. Your house is empty because you own approximately zero pieces of furniture...

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3. you learn to sleep on the floor for the first few weeks/months/forever.

4. You also have about two roommates for every 20 square feet — just to keep rent low.

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5. Oh yeah. Rent.

6. Without a meal plan, you have to somehow feed yourself...


7. ...which can lead to some avant-garde attempts at cooking...

8. ...but more likely, a lot of this:

9. And a sink that's somehow NEVER empty.

10. You Google how to plunge a toilet because you've never done it before...

11. ...and start buying boring essentials, like toilet paper.

12. You pile up on blankets because of a new thing called "utilities."


13. No garage means endless scraping...

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14. ...and panicking when your car doesn't start.

15. Oh, and off-campus parking.

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