12 Reasons Chicago Is The Ultimate College Town

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1. Whether your school has a football team or not, there’s always an epic “home game” to go to.

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2. Your “college food” isn’t really “college food”…

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…because it’s, you know, world renowned and stuff like that. NBD.

3. And those good ol’ late-night spots are there to help you through your all-nighters.

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4. You learn some much-needed survival skills that no college will teach you in a classroom during the winter.

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Plus you have to stay inside most of the time, which means more time for schoolwork, which means better grades. That’s how it works, right?

5. But the SECOND it’s above 60°, the lake is just a few minutes away for you to run to.

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It’s like an instant spring break anytime you want.

6. Your “off-campus living” choices aren’t restricted just to one college neighborhood.

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7. Class field trips = free admission to some epic museums.

irishmexi / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: blujasmine02

Student discounts at their finest.

8. Your personal commute to class (and late-night ride home) is just a $2.25 L train away.

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9. This is what your welcome week looks like:

Roger Kisby / Contributor / Getty Images

Top that, other college towns.

10. The “themed parties” here are taken very seriously.

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11. On the weekends, there’s a 99.9% chance one of your friends is having a get-together on their back porch.

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And another 99% chance that everyone there goes to different schools. EVEN MORE FRIENDS!

12. And best of all, your friends from high school are always wanting to travel to you!

You’re in the middle of the country, you’re in the best city in the world, and you don’t have to travel one bit. Just be prepared for that requisite Bean selfie…

Now Chicago students can get limited-time deals on TV and Internet with XFINITY!

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