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Can You Guess The 2017 Oscar-Nominated Film Based On Emojis?

So you think you’re a real film buff? Check out past award show winners On Demand, thanks to XFINITY X1!

The ladies in this film had everyone buzzing:

20th Century Fox

Can you guess which movie came to Earth?

Paramount Pictures

What about the flick that took place out in the ocean?

Summit Entertainment

Who were they and which era did they come from?


Which movie roared in theaters this year?

The Weinstein Company

This one had everyone tapping their toes:

Summit Entertainment

Which gritty movie brought Westerns back to the big screen this year?

CBS Films / Lionsgate

What reimagined a classic with great special effects?

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Which magical film made us all smile this winter?

Warner Bros. Pictures

And, finally, what movie had us moved by the trials and tribulations of growing up?


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