11 Internet Memes That Should Have Their Own Reality Show

Someone seriously needs to make a reality show about planking. If Internet memes joined forces with TV, things would get really interesting. And now with the X1 Entertainment Operating System, TV and Internet are coming together like never before.


In which fascinating tales of unfortunate circumstance and unintentional twerking are told and dramatized. Sure to shake you to your very core.

CC by http://2.0 / extremofunko_planks / Via Flickr: 66508487@N04

In which the young and talented face off in the ultimate plank-off. You think you can plank? Think again. You don’t even know what planking is.


In which the sexiest hands this side of the Mississippi live in one house and compete in rigorous hand model competitions. The winner receives no money.


In which eight strangers live in a house under the constant and vigilant watch of an adorable yet judgmental ceiling cat.


In which a group of the nation’s most talented eaters test the limits of their cinnamon-consumption abilities. Only one emerges victorious.


In which the most qualified toddlers in these United States are plopped down somewhere in the playroom and have to find their way back to civilization.


In which the most talented amateur singers and musicians subject themselves to public scrutiny and sassy criticism. Oh, and they’re cats.


In which viewers watch in fascination as the Honey Badger goes about its daily routine. It’s kind of sweet, actually!


In which a dedicated camera crew follows that face we all know, love, and identify with. For a toddler, she’s actually got a lot going on.

Doug Armand / Getty Images / 0height.com

In which one lucky woman searches for her soulmate amidst a group of bachelors. She gets a little intense, though, and most of the guys end up claiming that they are super busy with work and not really ready for a committed relationship.


In which our beloved doge travels the country, giving much makeover to such men.

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