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Millennials Can't Agree On This One Thing: Steely Dan

A new generation discovers their dad's favorite band, and it is all out CIVIL WAR.

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Shots Fired

It came to a point this year when I began to see a post like this every day. For the best or the worst, The Dan has returned in retro limelight, and it has caused quite the rift in our generation. Just look at how vehemently these statements are met...

So what is it?

There is no middle ground here. People either love them, or hate them.

There is a lot of love here. I mean, "NO bad Steely Dan songs"!?

If you don't like them you are a "reptilian non-human"???

This was only the highlights of 2 weeks worth of Twitter posts, and the majority was just posting songs and saying, "omg best band everrrrrr".

But there is the other side to look at still, and it is harsh...


Okay, it is clear that the opposition here has VERY strong feelings.

Half of their opinions are expressed using "f*cking", which in my naive understanding of linguistics I believe is meant to express "a very strong sentiment towards". But I can't lie, I had to Twitter-time-travel WAAYYY longer to find good haters than I did for the lovers. But just the level of intensity with which this opinion is presented is just astounding. Well, there are other views as well. Let's take a look at some of my favorites...

But in the end, this rift in our society will never heal until people start arguing about The Smiths again. That or everyone is at some point forced to get really drunk and listen to "Hey Nineteen".

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