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    18 Ingeniously Upgraded Versions Of Stuff You Probably Already Own

    *"Upgrade U" by Beyoncé starts playing in the background*.

    1. These nail clippers will catch your clippings as you trim them, saving you from picking up the gross little pieces.

    2. This pasta pot has a built-in strainer, so you can lock the lid, strain out any liquids, and save on storage space by not needing a tradtional colander.

    3. This no-flame electric lighter has an extended handle to make lighting candles that are almost at the end of their wick easier.

    4. Say "boy, bye!" to traditional wallets and hello to this super sleek synthetic leather one. It has RFID-blocking technology built-in, so you can protect yourself from potential electronic theft.

    5. These stretchy silicone lids are an upgrade from cling film and perfect if you can never find the right lid for your food container. The variety of sizes makes them super versatile!

    6. Swap out your regular floss for this cordless dental flosser that uses a high-pressure jet of water to help give your teeth and gums a thoroughly deep clean.

    7. This three-sided toothbrush cleans all sides of your teeth at the same time. Its bristles are precisely angled to reach every crevice of your mouth!

    8. Upgrade your kitty's way of life with this super-nifty drinking fountain! It'll help them stay hydrated, and hopefully stop them from trying to drink from your tap!

    9. This ergonomically designed memory foam pillow is curved, making it perfect for those who suffer from neck and back pain.

    10. These reusable silicone baking sheets are are less wasteful than disposable baking paper and can be used for anything from bread to fish.

    11. These scented bin liners have a counteraction technology that neutralises unwanted odours, so you don't have to worry about your waste causing a stench.

    12. Who needs a regular sponge when you could have this double-sided scourer that only needs water to work?

    13. This silk pillowcase will create less friction for your hair and absorb less moisture than regular cotton ones do, meaning you might not have to deal with tangled, frizzy bedhead in the mornings.

    14. Change out your current mousepad for this ergonomically designed set! It'll relieve the cramping and wrist pain from using your keyboard and mouse all day.

    15. If you're into baking, then you're going to love this adjustable rolling pin that can change its width. It means you can always roll your baked goods to the perfect thickness.

    16. This mechanical grater makes grating cheese so much faster and easier! Its non-slip handle alleviates strain on your hands, which can sometimes be a problem with regular graters.

    17. This light-up alarm clock simulates the feeling of sunrise to help you wake up more naturally and feeling refreshed!

    18. This pack of extremely strong coffee will help perk you up after a night of tossing and turning. If you don't believe me, just check out the reviews on this stuff!