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    23 Super Practical Products Under A Fiver That You'll Probably End Up Using All The Time

    You'll be so glad you found yourself on this shopping list.

    1. This headache relief stick gets to work in just two minutes and uses levomenthol to help to relieve headaches. You'll get over 100 applications from the one stick!

    2. I've been obsessed with this dermaplaning tool lately! It's an incredibly cheap and effective way to get rid of peach fuzz and dead skin buildup.

    3. These positively delightful sticky notes are just as useful as they are cute, TBH!

    4. This super convenient lavender-infused rollerball is infused with jojoba oil to help relieve stress and tension. Simply apply onto the body's pressure points and relaaaaaax!

    5. If you're constantly adjusting your glasses, then you might just love these comfy silicone ear grips that save you from having to do exactly that.

    6. These personalised wheelie bin stickers will help remind the people on your street where your bin belongs!

    7. My nails can sometimes look a little worse for wear, so I keep them in tip-top shape with this nail treatment from Sally Hansen that protects them from chipping, splitting, and peeling.

    8. This incredibly handy stainless steel soap bar works to remove those lingering smells that stay on your hands after cooking with onions and garlic.

    9. This highly effective degreaser will remove all of that built-up grease from your kitchen in a jiffy, and there's no scrubbing required.

    10. I tend to get quite oily during the day, so these plant-based blotting papers that rapidly absorb excess oil and grease have been extremely useful.

    11. Increase your privacy thanks to these ultra-thin webcam covers that are compatible with most devices.

    12. These drain sticks from Ecozone are filled with natural bacterias and enzymes that dissolve and break down built-up grease, gunk, and whatever else could potentially clog your drains.

    13. Bathroom mould can be super annoying, so go ahead and get rid of it by using this mould and mildew remover spray that tackles up to 99.9% of bacteria.

    14. These rose gold reusable metal straws aren't just environmentally friendly, they're cute and handy too!

    15. This volumising mascara from Rimmel will define, lengthen, and curl your lashes with next to no clumps. It's an affordable must-have if you ask me!

    16. Eliminate bad breath with this stainless steel tongue scraper that helps remove excess bacteria residue.

    17. I'm sorry but how cute are these animal-shaped silicone coasters?! They're heat and stain-resistant too.

    18. This eco-friendly soap saver will keep your bar of soap from melting away on your sink basin, 'cause nobody wants that gunky mess.

    19. This heavy-duty liner can withstand temperatures of up to 260°C and will help protect the base of your oven from drips and spills! It's dishwasher safe too.

    20. You'll for sure love this 3-in-1 conditioning hair mask treatment from Garnier that nourishes and replenishes damaged and colour-treated hair back to its former glory.

    21. If you've noticed your whites going dull, then it might finally be time to get this laundry whitener that helps to remove yellowing caused by sunlight and dullness from mixed washes.

    22. This pack of adorable highlighters is perfect if you're into that pastel ~aesthetic~.

    23. If you hate defrosting your freezer, then you'll love these anti-frost freezer liners that prevent ice buildup and can be cut to size to fit any appliance! Trust me, they work.

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