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    11 Handy Products If You're Sick Of Wasting Food

    Stop throwing away your food!

    1. Say boy, bye to plastic cling film, and hello to these silicone food huggers!

    2. Tired of your lemons and limes not keeping fresh? Try this citrus keeper!

    3. Do you buy a bunch of fruit and veg, telling yourself that you'll start your health kick after the weekend? But then you never use them? Yeah, we see you. Why not turn it all into a smoothie with this high speed blender?

    4. Don't need a blender? Already have one? Just need a more sustainable way to store your fruits and vegetables? We've got you! These reusable produce bags are the MVP.

    5. Keep your herbs fresher for longer with this chic and stylish herb keeper!

    6. This stainless steel compost bin is great for reducing your kitchen waste!

    7. Plastic bin bags who? She's cancelled. These compostable bin bags are the new supreme.

    8. This beeswax wrap is a sustainable AND natural alternative to plastic. Can I get a yeahhhhhhh boy?!

    9. Ever opened a bag of crisps and couldn't finish it? These food clips will seal them closed, maintaining freshness!

    10. This vacuum sealer is going to make your life just that little bit easier.

    11. Why not give canning a try? Dive into the world of preservation with these bell mason jars!