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    19 Products That Your Home Will Probably Thank You For Buying

    It's time to give your home some TLC.

    1. This multi-purpose wood filler is ideal for filling in unsightly cracks and holes left by nails and screws.

    2. Keep your tush clean thanks to this easy-to-install handheld bidet attachment! You can control its water pressure to best fit your preferences too.

    3. Upgrade your bathroom with these gorgeous tile stickers. They can be easily trimmed to fit your space and are a low-commitment option for renters.

    4. If your bathroom's looking a little worse for wear, then it's probably time to grab yourself a one-step silicone sealant. Simply apply it on top of the existing one and you're done!

    5. These four-way pendant lights are a stylish and elegant way to make your home look more modern! Each light can be swiveled in whichever direction you like.

    6. This ionic filter shower head has a three-layer filtration to remove impurities and soften hard water.

    7. This self-adhesive marble paper would be a great way to upgrade your kitchen worktop. It's waterproof and grease-proof too, making it ideal for even the messiest of cooks.

    8. These self-adhesive non-slip step protectors are perfect for pets, young children, and older loved ones that might need some added security while using the stairs.

    9. This heavy-duty stain remover gets rid of the deepest of ingrained stains, so you can finally sort out that red wine mishap you've been putting off cleaning.

    10. Got a leather sofa that's looking a bit rough? This versatile leather recolouring balm works great on furniture that's been scratched or exposed to sunlight and direct heat.

    11. This plug-in doorbell has 32 sounds and five adjustable settings to fit your preferences! It also has a wireless range of 1,000ft so it won't interfere with your electronics.

    12. This draft stopper will stop any potential gusts of wind coming into your bedroom! It also muffles outside noises, so you can sleep in complete peace.

    13. This extremely handy touchless soap dispenser works via an ultra-sensitive infrared motion sensor.

    14. These DIY cabinet strip lights are a great way of distributing light across your home. They're easy to install and are screw-free as well, which protects your furniture.

    15. This renter-friendly set of furniture risers are a great way of getting some much-needed storage without even having to set anything up.

    16. Give your home a geometric makeover thanks to this super luxe wallpaper. It's easy to apply and reviewers can't stop raving about it!

    17. This gorgeous bedside lamp has two USB ports, so you can easily charge your devices even if your bedroom is short on plug sockets.

    18. Give your kitchen appliances some L-O-V-E with these streak-free stainless steel wipes that get rid of residue, water stains, and grease!

    19. Treat your sofa to a much-needed upgrade thanks to this super stretchy, velvet non-slip cover. It's a must-have if want to give your home a refresh but don't want to commit to furniture.